Digital Ship will be running a forum at Nor-Shipping looking at the latest practise and methods optimising vessel performance with the help of digital technology.

We’ll cover decision making around capital expenditure (different ship designs and equipment, including scrubbers) and perhaps more importantly operational expenditure – how do you decide when to dry dock, clean up propellers and hull. And what investment in ship performance monitoring systems gives a payback?

There is a multitude of devices and services for ship performance monitoring on the market – but there are many steps from generating data to making the right decision.

And do shipping companies focus enough on the seafarer part of it, since they are responsible for most decisions related to ship performance in operations. Do we help people to learn what works and what doesn’t when it comes to optimising vessel operations? Do we create a learning environment for people onboard?

Call for speakers – we would be very keen to hear from people from shipping companies who are able to talk about their work optimising vessel performance, or would be willing to join a panel discussion. Please contact Claire Meunier, conference producer on to discuss further